Version Date Author Comment
1.0 2012-05-15 S. Proß Initial release.
1.1 2015-01-13 Lennart Ochel
  • This is basically an adaptation of PNlib version 1.0 to Modelica 3.3 to remove tool dependencies (e.g. impure instead of __Dymola_pure annotation).
  • New function PNlib.Functions.Random.initRandom is introduced to make stochastic simulations reproducible.
1.2 2015-10-19 Lennart Ochel
  • Added support for 64-bit systems
  • Revised some internal algorithm to archive less complex equation system structure
  • Minor bug fixes
1.3 2016-04-19 Lennart Ochel
  • Added inflow/outflow information to continuous places
  • Added actual speed information to continuous transitions
  • Added tests for Dymola
  • Added more unit tests
  • Revised some internal algorithm to archive more efficient equation system structure
  • Minor bug fixes
2.0 2016-12-05 Lennart Ochel
  • Added bicolored places
  • Fixed division by zero in function decreasingFactor
  • Fixed division by zero in preliminary speed calculation
  • Fixed handling of type-3 conflicts
  • Fixed handling of type-4 conflicts
  • Fixed missing initial conditions
  • Fixed zero arc weights
  • Minor bug fixes
2.1 2017-11-20 Timo Lask
  • Added new time concepts (event, time tact, fire duration, immediate)
  • Added benefit conflict solution for PD
  • Modified (real) test arc
  • Modified (real) inhibitor arc
  • New stochastic transitions (TES, TFDS)
  • New distributions (uniform, triangular, trunked normal, discrete)
  • Minor bug fixes
2.2 2019-10-24 Timo Lask, Lennart Ochel
  • Minor bug fixes

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