Transformer with fixed voltage ratio k = rFixed*exp(j*thetaFixed). The series impedance R+jX and shunt admittance G+jB are referred to the high-voltage side B.

Step-up transformers with fixed voltage ratio can be implemented by only setting rFixed and leaving thetaFixed to zero default value. Phase shifters can be implemented by only setting thetaFixed and leaving rFixed to the default of 1.

Implemented as a child class of PiNetwork, where Ya=0 Yb=G+jB and k = rFixed*exp(j*thetaFixed), see the corresponding documentation.

One breaker is provided at port b side. The breaker has a conditional boolean input to set the logical status:

When the breaker is open the current entering from the port b is forced to 0 (by setting to 0 both the actual values of the series impedance and of the shunt impedance of port b), and the total impedance seen to the side a (high-level voltage side) becomes equal to the line impedance + the shunt impedance.

The actual values of the series impedance and of both the shunt impedances are managed by a state-machine, which monitors the state of the breaker.



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