This function returns y = atan2(u1, u2), where y is an angle, such that tan(y) = u1/u2 and y is in the range -π rad < y ≤ π rad. u2 may be zero, provided u1 is not zero. Usually u1, u2 is provided in such a form that u1 = sin(y) and u2 = cos(y).


function atan2
  extends Modelica.Math.Icons.AxisCenter;
  input Real u1 annotation(
    Dialog(__Dymola_label = "<html><i>u</i><sub>1</sub></html>"));
  input Real u2 annotation(
    Dialog(__Dymola_label = "<html><i>u</i><sub>2</sub></html>"));
  output Q.Angle y annotation(
    Dialog(__Dymola_label = "<html><i>y</i></html>"));
end atan2;

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