This package contains quantities (Real types) that are instantiated to represent physical values (Real variables). The unit attribute of each quantity is used to denote the physical dimensionality in terms of fundamental dimensions: angle (A), length (L), mass (M), amount of subtance (N), and time (T).1 The fundamental dimensions are combined according to the rules established for unit strings [Modelica2010, p. 210]. The abbreviations (A, L, M, N, T) are applied in alphabetical order in each numerator and denominator. Temperature and charge are considered derived dimensions as if the Faraday constant (kF or 96485.3399 C/mol) and the gas constant (R or 8.314472 J/(mol K)) are nondimensionalized. The quantity attribute of each quantity is not used since it is redundant in this context. The displayUnit attribute is only used for quantities that imply a certain display unit. For example, Temperature is an alias for Potential with a default display unit of K. Some quantities have minimum values (e.g., min=0 for PressureAbsolute).

This package (Quantities) is abbreviated as Q throughout the rest of QCalc. Most quantities are named with adjectives following the noun so that related quantities are grouped when alphabetized.

Methods for unit checking have been established [Mattsson2008, Broman2008, Aronsson2009] and can, in theory, be applied to dimension checking instead. However, this does not work in Dymola as of 2014, so unit checking must be turned off (Advanced.CheckUnits = false).

For more information, please see the documentation of the Units package.

1. This misnomer (unit attribute for dimension) is necessary because Real variables do not have a dimension attribute in Modelica. Beware that:

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Name Description
 AmountReciprocal Reciprocal of amount
 Angle2 Solid angle
 LengthSpecific Specific length
 LengthSpecificMassSpecific Specific length times specific mass
 LuminousEmittance Luminous emittance
 LuminousIntensity Luminous intensity
 MagneticDipoleMoment Magnetic dipole moment
 MagneticFieldAux Auxiliary magnetic field
 MagneticFlux Magnetic flux
 MagneticFluxAreic Areic magnetic flux
 MagneticFluxReciprocal Reciprocal of magnetic flux
 MagneticFluxSpecific Specific magnetic flux
 MagnetomotiveForce Magnetomotive force
 MassSpecific Specific mass
 MomentumRotational Rotational momentum
 PermittivityReciprocal Reciprocal of permittivity
 PotentialAbsolute Absolute potential
 PotentialPerWavenumber Potential per wavenumber
 PowerArea Power times area
 PowerAreic Areic power
 PowerAreicPerPotential4 Areic power per 4th power of potential
 PressureLineic Lineic pressure
 TimeReciprocal Reciprocal of time
 Velocity2 Squared velocity
 WavelengthVelocity Wavelength times velocity
 TemperatureAbsolute Absolute temperature
 Interfaces Partial classes

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