'Nominal' values that are used to define 'base'-values in the case where input is in 'pu'-units

The parameter 'units' allows choosing between SI ('Amp Volt') and pu ('per unit') for input-parameters of components and output-variables of meters.
The default setting is 'pu'.

pu ('per unit'):

  V_base = V_nom
  S_base = S_nom
  R_base = V_nom*V_nom/S_nom
  I_base = S_nom/V_nom

SI ('Amp Volt'):

  V_base = 1
  S_base = 1
  R_base = 1
  I_base = 1

Note that the choice between SI and pu does not affect state- and connector variables. These remain always in SI-units. It only affects input of parameter values and output variables.

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