This example shows, how input-parameters can be defined in SI- or in pu-units (V, A or 'per unit').
'SI | pu' means 'SI' or 'pu', depending on the choice of 'units'.

  SI:     base-values = 1
  pu:     base-values = nominal-values (by definition)

Upper part:
input for 'voltage_SI', 'meter_SI' and 'load_SI' in V, VA, and Ohm.

  V_base = 1,     V_nom = 400 V
  S_base = 1,     S_nom = 10 kVA
  R_base = 1
Lower part:
input for 'voltage_pu', 'meter_pu' and 'load_pu' in pu.
  V_base = V_nom = 400 V
  S_base = S_nom = 10 kVA
  R_base = V_base^2/S_base = 16 Ohm
The corresponding values are
  408 V   and  1.02 pu
  20 Ohm  and  1.25 pu
Quantities in 'meter_SI' are displayed in SI.
Quantities in 'meter_pu' are displayed in pu.

See for example:

  meter_SI.p[1] = 8323.2 W   (active power in SI)
  meter_pu.p[1] = 0.83232 pu (active power in pu)
and other meter-signals.

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