Modelica Power Systems Library SPOT: Examples

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Copyright © 2004-2007, H.J. Wiesmann.

The Modelica package is free software; it can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Modelica license, see the license conditions and the accompanying disclaimer here.


 a_IntroductionIntroductory examples
 b_AC1_DCAC 1-phase and DC components
 c_ACabcAC 3-phase components abc
 c_ACdqoAC 3-phase components dqo
 d_DrivesACabcAC drives, abc
 d_DrivesACdqoAC drives, dqo
 d_DrivesDCDC drives
 e_InvertersAC1_DCInverters 1 phase and DC
 e_InvertersACabcInverters abc
 e_InvertersACdqoInverters dqo
 f_TransformationAC1phTransformation 1 phase
 f_TransformationACabcTransformation abc
 f_TransformationACdqoTransformation dqo
 g_GenerationACabcAC power generation, abc
 g_GenerationACdqoAC power generation, dqo
 h_TransmissionACdqoAC transmission, dqo
 p_PrecalculationPrecalculation of machine matrices

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