Power sources and generation, a set of examples mainly for understanding the synchronous machine.

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Name Description
 Vsource Power transfer from voltage source to slack bus
 PVsource Power transfer from power-voltage source to slack bus
 PQsource Power transfer from power source to slack bus
 PowerAngle Generator at fixed power angle
 TurbineGenerator Turbine with generator
 TurbineGeneratorLine Turbine with generator and line
 TurboGeneratorLine Turbo-generator with line to infinite bus
 GenOrder3and7 Generator-models of different order
 TurboGroupGenerator Turbogroup with generator, electro-mechanical interaction
 TieLine Generators and power-oscillations
 WindGeneratorLine Asynchronous generator
 Islanding AC synchronous generator in islanding configuration
 LocalGeneration AC torque controlled synchronous machine as local generator

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