Power sources and generation, a set of examples mainly for understanding the synchronous machine.

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 VsourcePower transfer from voltage source to slack bus
 PVsourcePower transfer from power-voltage source to slack bus
 PQsourcePower transfer from power source to slack bus
 PowerAngleGenerator at fixed power angle
 TurbineGeneratorTurbine with generator
 TurbineGeneratorLineTurbine with generator and line
 TurboGeneratorLineTurbo-generator with line to infinite bus
 GenOrder3and7Generator-models of different order
 TurboGroupGeneratorTurbogroup with generator, electro-mechanical interaction
 TieLineGenerators and power-oscillations
 WindGeneratorLineAsynchronous generator
 IslandingAC synchronous generator in islanding configuration
 LocalGenerationAC torque controlled synchronous machine as local generator

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