Provides Media Interface for Thermal Separation


Name Description
BaseMediumLiquid base class for liquid medium package
BaseMediumLiquidReaction base class for liquid medium with reacting substances
BaseMediumVapour base class for vapour medium package
C2H5OH_Water_Vap 2 components: C2H5OH, H2O
C2H5OH_Water_Liq 2 components: C2H5OH, H2O
Methylacetatsynthese_Liq Methylacetat, Essigsäe, Methanol, Wasser
Methylacetatsynthese_Vap Methylacetat, Essigsäure, Methanol, Wasser
WaterBasedLiquid liquid mediums which are based on water, i.e. contain water in a high quantity and have properties similar to water
H2O_CO2_MEA_Liq H2O,CO2,MEA: CO2 separation with MEA
H2O_CO2_Vap H2O,CO2: CO2 separation with MEA
H2O_O2_CO2_N2_Vap H2O,O2,CO2,N2: CO2 separation with MEA
Propane_Pentane_Liq Propane, Pentane
Interfaces Interfaces for media models

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