This model adds the performance characteristics to the Compressor_Base model, by means of 2D interpolation tables.

The perfomance characteristics are specified by two characteristic equations: the first relates the flow number phic, the pressure ratio PR and the referred speed N_T; the second relates the efficiency eta, the flow number phic, and the referred speed N_T [1]. To avoid singularities, the two characteristic equations are expressed in parametric form by adding a further variable beta (method of beta lines [2]).

The performance maps are thus tabulated into three differents tables, tablePhic, tablePR and tableEta, which express phic, PR and eta as a function of N_T and beta, respectively, where N_T is the first row while beta is the first column. The referred speed N_T is defined as a percentage of the design referred speed and beta are arbitrary lines, usually drawn parallel to the surge-line on the performance maps.

Modelica.Blocks.Tables.CombiTable2D interpolates the tables to obtain values of referred flow, pressure ratio and efficiency at given levels of referred speed and beta.

Modelling options

The following options are available to determine how the table is defined:


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