The pressure drop across the inlet and outlet connectors is computed according to a turbulent friction model, i.e. is proportional to the squared velocity of the fluid. The friction coefficient can be specified directly, or by giving an operating point, or as a multiple of the kinetic pressure. The correction coefficient Kfc can be used to modify the friction coefficient, e.g. to fit some experimental operating point.

A small linear pressure drop is added to avoid numerical singularities at low or zero flowrate. The wnom parameter must be always specified; the additional linear pressure drop is such that it is equal to the turbulent pressure drop when the flowrate is equal to wnf*wnom (the default value is 1% of the nominal flowrate).

Modelling options

The actual gas used in the component is determined by the replaceable Medium package. In the case of multiple component, variable composition gases, the start composition is given by Xstart, whose default value is Medium.reference_X.

The following options are available to specify the friction coefficient:


Name Description


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