Model of a barometric condenser including the barometric leg.

The incoming cooling water is sprayed in the condenser and mixes with the incoming steam flow. It is assumed that the residence time of the droplets in the condenser is equal to Tr. The pressure p in the condenser corresponds to the droplet temperature Tl plus the terminal temperature difference Tt, which is assumed to be constant for simplicity.

In most cases, barometric condensers discharge into tanks that have a much larger diameter and a much larger mass storage than the barometric leg. Therefore, the effects of the leg dynamics, i.e. the changes of the level in the pipe and the delay between the temperature at the condenser outlet and the temperature at the pipe outlet, are negligible. By setting neglectLegDynamics = true, the mass flow rate and specific enthalpy at the barometric leg outlet are assumed to be the same as the ones at the condenser outlet.

If neglectLegDynamics = false, the effects of mass, momentum and energy storage in the barometric leg are also accounted for. This is currently not yet implemented.


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