This model represents a cooling tower with variable speed fans. If closedCircuit is false, the model represents a cooling tower filled with metallic packing, where the incoming water is cooled by direct contact with humid air, by means of evaporation. Dynamic models with Mp > 0 also represent heat storage in the packing and heat transfer between the packing and the evaporating water.

If closedCircuit is true and Mp = 0, then the model represents a closed-circuit tower cooling an external circuit, which is thermally connected through the 1D distributed heat port wallPort, representing the tube external surface.

The heat transfer between the packing or the tube surface and the evaporating water is computed by a specific heat transfer coefficient, whose nominal value is gamma_wp_nom, and which varies with the nu_l-th power of the liquid flow.

The mass and heat transfer from the hot water to humid ambient air is modelled according to Merkel's equation: the driving force for heat and mass transfer is the difference between the specific enthalpy of saturated humid air at the water temperature per unit dry air mass, and the specific enthalpy of saturated humid air at the wet bulb temperature Twb per unit dry air mass. The dry and wet bulb temperatures of incoming air are given by the settings of the system object.

The 1D counter-current heat and mass transfer equations are discretized by the finite volume method, with N-1 volumes; average quantities between volume inlet and volume outlet are used to compute the driving force of the mass and energy transfer.

Humid air is modelled as an ideal mixture of dry air and steam, using the IF97 water-steam model.

The hold-up of water in the packaging is modelled assuming a simple linear relationship between the hold-up in each volume and the corresponding outgoing flow, which is calibrated by the Mnom and M0 parameters. The energy storage in the water hold-up and in the packaging is accounted for.

The behaviour of the fan is modelled by kinematic similarity; the air flow is proportional to the fan rpm, while the consumption is proportional to the cube of the fan rpm.

Is it possible to neglect all dynamic behaviour and get a static model by setting staticModel=true.


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