This model describes a simplified steam turbine unit, with a high pressure and a low pressure turbine.

The inlet flowrate is proportional to the inlet pressure, and to the partialArc signal if the corresponding connector is wired. In this case, it is assumed that the flow rate is reduced by partial arc admission, not by throttling (i.e., no loss of thermodynamic efficiency occurs). To simulate throttling, insert a valve before the turbine unit inlet.

The model assumes that a fraction hpFraction of the available hydraulic power is converted by the HP turbine with a time constant of T_HP, while the remaining part is converted by the LP turbine with a time constant of L_HP.

This model does not include any shaft inertia by itself; if that is needed, connect a Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Inertia model to one of the shaft connectors.

The model requires the Modelica.Media library (ThermoFluid does not compute the isentropic enthalpy correctly).


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