Chen's correlation for the computation of the heat transfer coefficient in two-phase flows.

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function f_chen
  input SI.MassFlowRate w "Mass flowrate";
  input SI.Length D "Tube hydraulic diameter";
  input SI.Area A "Tube cross-section";
  input SI.DynamicViscosity muf "Liquid dynamic viscosity";
  input SI.ThermalConductivity kf "Liquid thermal conductivity";
  input SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cpf "Liquid cp";
  input SI.Density rhof "Liquid density";
  input SI.SurfaceTension sigma "Surface Tension";
  input SI.Density rhog "Vapour density";
  input SI.DynamicViscosity mug "Vapour dynamic viscosity";
  input SI.Temperature DTsat "Saturation temperature difference (wall-bulk)";
  input SI.Pressure Dpsat "Saturation pressure difference (wall-bulk)";
  input SI.SpecificEnthalpy ifg "Latent heat of vaporization";
  input SI.PerUnit x "Steam quality";
  output SI.CoefficientOfHeatTransfer hTP "Two-phase total heat transfer coefficient";
end f_chen;

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