Example vehicle model architectures. These can be used as the basis for your own vehicle models but are also fully functional vehicle models on their own.


Name Description
 ConventionalAutomaticVehicle Conventional automatic transmission vehicle
 ConventionalVehicle_AltNames Extension of ConventionalAutomaticVehicle demonstrating the data dictionary
 RearWheelDriveAutomaticVehicle A conventional front-wheel drive automatic transmission vehicle with separate powertrain mounting system for the front axle and engine-transmission systems
 ConventionalAutomaticVehicleExternalDriver Conventional automatic transmission vehicle using separate driver and driver-interface components
 ConventionalManualVehicle Conventional manual transmission vehicle
 FrontWheelDriveManualVehicle A conventional front-wheel drive manual transmission vehicle including the powertrain mounting systems
 PowerSplitHybrid Power-split hybrid vehicle model
 SeriesHybrid Series hybrid vehicle model
 PartialVehicle Basic model for a four wheeled vehicle, requires powertrain components

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