This Modelica library provides standard interface definitions for automotive subsystems and vehicle models. These are designed to promote compatibility between the various automotive libraries and provide a flexible, powerful structure for vehicle modelling. The main focus of the library is on defining the interfaces for the individual subsystems and a number of vehicle model examples are included to demonstrate how they might be used.

For an automotive library to be compatible with other libraries based on this set of interface definitions they should extend the interface definition from within this library and following the naming convention for the signal bus.

This library also contains a proposal for a naming convention covering the whole model library and the developers of this library would recommend that this convention is followed by other developers to ensure a consistent naming convention across the whole set of automotive models.

The library has been developed as a co-operation between a number of vendors who are currently developing automotive libraries. Please see the contact information on how to give feedback and for a list of the people involved in the development of this library. And last but not least, check also Copyright and License agreement before using the library.


UsersGuideUser's Guide
ExamplesCollection of vehicle model examples
 BlocksCollection of input/output fixed causality blocks
IconsCollection of icons
InterfacesCollection of general interface definitions
MechanicsCollection of additional mechanical components
TypesCollection of type definitions
 AccessoriesCollection of accessory subsystem definitions
 AtmospheresCollection of atmosphere subsystem definitions
 BrakesCollection of brakes subsystem definitions
 ChassisCollection of chassis subsystem definitions
 ControllersCollection of controllers subsystem definitions
 DataDictionariesCollection of data dictionary definitions
 DrivelinesCollection of drivelines subsystem definitions
 DriverEnvironmentsCollection of driver environment subsystem definitions
 DriversCollection of driver subsystem definitions
ElectricDrivesCollection of electric drive subsystem definitions
EnergyStorageCollection of energy storage subsystem definitions
EnginesCollection of combustion engine subsystem definitions
PowertrainMountsCollection of powertrain mounts subsystem definition
RoadsCollection of road definitions
TransmissionsCollection of transmission subsystem definitions

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