A collection of basic icon definitions used in the package


Name Description
Accessories Icon for an accessories subsystem
Atmosphere Icon for an atmosphere
Battery Icon for a battery subsystem
Brakes Icon for a brakes subsystem
Chassis Icon for a chassis subsystem
Controller Icon for a controller subsystem
DataDictionary Icon for a data dictionary
Driveline Icon for a driveline subsystem
DriverEnvironment Icon for a driver environment subsystem
Driver Icon for a driver subsystem
ElectricMotor Icon for an electric drive subsystem
Empty Icon for an empty component
Engine Icon for an engine subsystem
MultipleMounts Icon for a multiple mounting subsystem
Road Icon for a road
SignalSubBusWithExplicitSignals Icon for signal sub-bus where the explicit signals are defined in the bus
SingleMount Icon for a single mounting subsystem
TwoMounts Icon for a multiple mounting subsystem
Transmission Icon for a transmission subsystem

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