This library provides a collection of ASM1 secondary clarifier models based on
several theories.

The library currently is structured in following sub-libraries.

 - Takacs: secondary clarifier model by Takacs et al [1]
 - Haertel: secondary clarifier model by Haertel [2]
 - Otterpohl: secondary clarifier model by Otterpohl [3]
 - Krebs: secondary clarifier model by Krebs [4]
 - Simple: very basic secondary clarifier model

Main Author:
   Gerald Reichl
   Technische Universitaet Ilmenau
   Faculty of Informatics and Automation
   Department Dynamics and Simulation of ecological Systems
   P.O. Box 10 05 65
   98684 Ilmenau
   email: gerald.reichl@tu-ilmenau.de


[1] I. Takacs and G.G. Patry and D. Nolasco: A dynamic model of the clarification-thickening
    process. Water Research. 25 (1991) 10, pp 1263-1271.

[2] L. Haertel: Modellansaetze zur dynamischen Simulation des Belebtschlammverfahrens.
    TH Darmstadt, Dissertation, 1990.

[3] R. Otterpohl and M. Freund: Dynamic models for clarifiers of activated sludge plants
    with dry and wet weather flows. Water Science and Technology. 26 (1992), pp 1391-1400.

[4] P. Krebs and M. Armbruster and W. Rodi: Numerische Nachklaerbeckenmodelle. Korrespondenz Abwasser. 47 (7)
    2000. pp 985-999.

This package is free software; it can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Modelica license, see the license conditions and the accompanying
disclaimer in the documentation of package Modelica in file "Modelica/package.mo".

Copyright (C) 2000 - 2003, Gerald Reichl


Name Description
 Haertel Secondary settling tank modelling by Haertel (ASM1)
 Krebs Secondary settling tank modelling by Krebs (ASM1)
 Otterpohl Secondary settling tank modelling by Otterpohl
 Simple Simple ASM1 Secondary clarifier model
 Takacs Secondary settling tank modelling by Takacs

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