This component provides all ASM1 data at the influent of a wastewater treatment plant.
The dimension of InPort is 14.

  1 volumeflowrate Q of incoming wastewater [m3/d]
  2 Si  [g COD/m3]
  3 Ss  [g COD/m3]
  4 Xi  [g COD/m3]
  5 Xs  [g COD/m3]
  6 Xbh [g COD/m3]
  7 Xba [g COD/m3]
  8 Xp  [g COD/m3]
  9 So  [g O2/m3]
 10 Sno [g N/m3]
 11 Snh [g N/m3]
 12 Snd [g N/m3]
 13 Xnd [g N/m3]
 14 Salk[mmol/l]

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