The one dimensional wavelet Multi-Resolution-Analysis (MRA) toolbox is an application function group created on the wavelet transform base library. Wavelet MRA carries out an N-level wavelet decomposition to obtain the wavelet coefficients in N detail levels and one approximation level. The coefficients of every single level are then used to reconstruct the signal separately. The result is a series of signals, each of which represents a certain frequency range of the original signal. In this way, the original signal can be observed in different (N+1) resolutions.

This toolbox provides two main functions for MRA. Function mra carries out numerical calculation and outputs MRA results in a matrix. Function mraGUI provides a graphic user interface to directly display the analysis results. It provides a further possibility to show the wavelet coefficients in every singles levels.

Only orthogonal, biorthogonal and discrete Meyer wavelets are possible for MRA. Please refer to the description of wavelet families for the detailed information about the available wavelets in this library.


 mraGUIGraphic user interface for multi-resolution analysis (MRA)
 mraWavelet multi-resolution analysis (MRA)Graphic user interface for multi-resolution analysis (MRA)
 tuneCoefTune the wavelet coefficients of all decomposition levels

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