The package Wavelet is a function library developed for Modelica to carry out wavelet transform and related calculations. It is used for the post processing of the simulation results or other data. Online operation, meaning execution of the functions during the simulation process, is not possible.

The numerical calculation of wavelet transform requires that the data be sampled in equidistant time grids. If non-equidistant time grids are used, the data should be firstly converted to equidistant using function interpL in this library. If the data are to be generated by Dymola with model simulation, it is suggested that Equidistant time grid should be checked in the Simulation window through the menu Simulation/Setup.../Output/Output selection.

Most functions in this library do not check the input parameters. It is the task of the user to provide valid parameters. Upon wrong input parameters, unexpected errors might occur.

This library is developed and tested with the demo version of Dymola 2013.

List of the packages:

Detailed information is to be found in each package.

Package Description
Examples Some examples showing some functionalities of this library
MRA Wavelet application for multi-resolution analysis (MRA)
Denoising Wavelet application for denoising
Transform Wavelet transform and tightly related functions
Families Definition of wavelet families
General General purpose functions used in this library
Records Definitions for supporting graphic user interface
TypesDefinitions of enumeration values

Required libraries:

Besides the Modelica standard conform library, the following libraries are required for using this wavelet library:

* Modelica_LinearSystems2: This library is used for displaying the curves.
* Plot3D: This is used for showing the images generated by wavelet continuous transform (CWT). The library Plot3D is delivered with Dymola. In the Dymola demo version, the functionality of Plot3D seems to be limited, such that the 3D surfaces can only be displayed in a 2D manner.


All files in this directory (Wavelet) and in all subdirectories, especially all files that build package "Wavelet" are released under the Modelica License 2.


Dr. Michael Gao, michael.gao@tum.de
Mr. Qipeng Hu, qipeng.hu@gmail.com
Mr. Weihua Wang
Mr. Hanko Ipach


The development of this library is supported by EU within the project, Clean Sky, sub-project, MoMoLib, No. 296369. The first delivery of this Wavelet library is made in October 2013.


 ExamplesSome examples to use this Wavelet Library
 MRAApplication: One-dimensional multi-resolution analysis
 DenoisingApplication: One dimensional signal denoising
 TransformFunctions for wavelet transform
 FamiliesFunctions about wavelet families
 GeneralGeneral functions
 RecordsRecords, mainly used for graphic user interface
 TypesDefinitions of enumeration values

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