This library includes the following one-dimensional wavelet transforms and inverse transforms:

1. Continuous wavelet transform: cwt() and cwtn();

2. Discrete wavelet transform: dwt();

3. Inverse discrete wavelet transform: idwt();

4. Multi-level wavelet decomposition: wavDec();

5. Multi-level wavelet reconstruction: wavRec();

6. Single level reconstruction based on multi-level wavelet coefficients: wavRec1();


 cwtOne-dimensional continuous wavelet transform with a given wavelet function
 cwtnOne-dimensional continuous wavelet transform with a given wavelet name
 dwtOne-dimensional discrete wavelet transform (one-level decomposition)
 idwtOne-dimensional inverse discrete wavelet transform (one-level reconstruction)
 wavDecWavelet multilevel decomposition
 wavRecWavelet multilevel reconstruction
 wavRec1Wavelet reconstruction using coefficients from a single level
 wavCoef1Extract the wavelet coefficients of a single level

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