The dhcSim library is a free open-source library with basic models to allow dynamic sumlation of complex district heating and cooling (DHC) networks. It was developed to ease the modeling of complex DHC systems from two level concepts (supply and return) up to a large number of parallel network levels. This library was developed supplementary to the Modelica Buildings Library. The dhcSim aims to provide a simple and clear model structure that is user-friendly and applicable to many custom network concepts. This library can be used for smaller as well as significantly larger DHC networks. The figure below shows a section of the schematic view of the model


Contributions to further advance the library are welcomed. Contributions may not only be in the form of model development, but also through model use, model testing, requirements definition or providing feedback regarding the model applicability to solve specific problems.


DHCPackage of district heating and cooling components
FluidPackage with models for fluid flow systems
UtilitiesPackage with utility functions such as for I/O
 ControlsPackage with models for controls
WeatherWeather simulation tools
TypesPackage with type definitions

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