This package contains example models to demonstrate the usage of library classes.


 TimeBasedNoiseDemonstrates the a simple case of a timel based noise
 SignalBasedNoiseDemonstrates the a simple case of signal based noise
 TimeBasedInterpolationShows using the interpolators with derivatives
 SignalBasedInterpolationDemonstrates signal-based noise with different interpolations
 TimeBasedCorrelationsTests for uncorrelated noise signals
 SignalBasedCorrelationsTests for uncorrelated noise signals using signal-based generators
 InterpolateRandomNumbersInterpolate random numbers with the various interpolators
 DistributionConversionDemonstrates how distributions can be converted
 FaultTriggerDemonstrates using the fault trigger model
 VaryingDistributionShows how distributions can vary in time
 RailIrregularitiesA package of examples demonstrating the shaping of rail irregularities


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