In this package, different types of irreversible and reversible inhibition reaction kinetics are collected, e.g. competitive, non-competitive and uncompetitive.


Name Description
 Uucr Uncompetitive inhibition (reversible)
 Uuci Irreversible uncompetitive inhibition
 Usir Reversible substrate inhibition kinetics
 Usii Irreversible substrate inhibition kinetics
 Unir Noncompetitive inhibition (reversible)
 Unii Irreversible non-competitive inhibition kinetics
 Umr Reversible mixed inhibition kinetics
 Umi Irreversible mixed inhibition kinetics
 Ucir Competitive inhibition (reversible)
 Ucii Irreversible competitive inhibition kinetics
 Ualii Irreversible allosteric inhibition

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