Hypothesis and equations

This model allows you to read text file indicating the cold water temperature in the pipes.



Instructions for use

Content of file columns

Time (s)

Cold water temperature (°C)

Known limits / Use precautions

Please note that the cold water temperature is entered in Celsius in the .txt file but is converted to Kelvin as an output

Pay attention to the format of the input file: a csv file must be exported in .txt (tab separator text) and must look the same like the example given in the documentation:


Validated model - Amy Lindsay 04/2013

Licensed by EDF under a 3-clause BSD-license
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Author : Amy LINDSAY, EDF (2013)


Gilles Plessis 09/2015 : Utilisation de la fonction Modelica.Utilities.Files.loadResource pour le chargement de fichiers, pour une meilleure compatibilité avec le standard Modelica.

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