This package contains base classes that are used to construct the models in Buildings.Fluid.CHPs.


Name Description
AssertFuelFlow Assert whether fuel flow is within boundary
AssertPower Assert if electric power is outside boundaries
AssertWaterFlow Assert if water flow is outside boundaries
AssertWaterTemperature Assert if water outlet temperature is outside boundaries
Controller Define current operation mode
EfficiencyCurve Efficiency curve described by a fifth order polynomial, function of three input variables
EnergyConversion Energy conversion control volume
EnergyConversionNormal Energy conversion for typical CHP operation either in normal mode or warm-up mode based on time delay
EnergyConversionWarmUp Energy conversion during warm-up mode based on engine temperature
EngineTemperature Heat exchange within the engine control volume
FilterPower Constraints for electric power
PowerConsumption Power consumption during stand-by and cool-down modes
WarmUpLeaving Model evaluating the condition for transitioning from warm-up to normal mode
WaterFlowControl Internal controller for water flow rate
Types Library of CHP operation modes
Validation Validation of the baseclasses

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