Block that serves as a container to export a thermofluid flow component. This block contains a replaceable model com that needs to be redeclared to export any model that has as its base class Buildings.Fluid.Interfaces.PartialTwoPort. This allows exporting a large variety of thermofluid flow models with a simple redeclare.

See for example Buildings.Fluid.FMI.ExportContainers.Examples.FMUs.PressureDrop or Buildings.Fluid.FMI.ExportContainers.Examples.FMUs.HeaterCooler_u for how to use this block.

Note that this block must not be used if the instance com sets a constant pressure. In such a situation, use Buildings.Fluid.FMI.ExportContainers.PartialTwoPort together with Buildings.Fluid.FMI.Adaptors.Inlet and Buildings.Fluid.FMI.Adaptors.Outlet and set the pressure to be equal to the port p of Buildings.Fluid.FMI.Adaptors.Outlet.


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