Model of a coil without humidity condensation. This model transfers heat in the amount of

Q̇ = Q̇max ε
ε = f(NTU, Z, flowRegime),

where max is the maximum heat that can be transferred, ε is the heat transfer effectiveness, NTU is the Number of Transfer Units, Z is the ratio of minimum to maximum capacity flow rate and flowRegime is the heat exchanger flow regime. such as parallel flow, cross flow or counter flow.

The flow regimes depend on the heat exchanger configuration. All configurations defined in Buildings.Fluid.Types.HeatExchangerConfiguration are supported.

The convective heat transfer coefficients scale proportional to (ṁ/ṁ0)n, where is the mass flow rate, 0 is the nominal mass flow rate, and n=0.8 on the air-side and n=0.85 on the water side.

For a heat and moisture exchanger, use Buildings.Fluid.MassExchangers.ConstantEffectiveness.


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