Model for an ideal heater or cooler with prescribed heat flow rate to the medium.

This model adds heat in the amount of Q_flow = u Q_flow_nominal to the medium. The input signal u and the nominal heat flow rate Q_flow_nominal can be positive or negative. A positive value of Q_flow means heating, and negative means cooling.

The outlet conditions at port_a are not affected by this model, other than for a possible pressure difference due to flow friction.

Optionally, this model can have a flow resistance. Set dp_nominal = 0 to disable the flow friction calculation.

For a model that uses as an input the fluid temperature leaving at port_b, use Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.PrescribedOutlet


This model does not affect the humidity of the air. Therefore, if used to cool air below the dew point temperature, the water mass fraction will not change.


The model has been validated against the analytical solution in the example Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.Validation.HeaterCooler_u.


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