This function computes a fictitious thermal resistance between the pipe outer wall and a fictitious, average temperature of the plane that contains the pipes. The equation is the same as is implemented in TRNSYS 17. Different equations are used for


The resistance Rx is based on a steady-state heat transfer analysis. Therefore, it is only valid during steady-state. For a fully dynamic model, a finite element method for the radiant slab would need to be implemented.


function AverageResistance
  input Modelica.SIunits.Distance disPip "pipe distance";
  input Modelica.SIunits.Diameter dPipOut "pipe outside diameter";
  input Modelica.SIunits.ThermalConductivity k "pipe level construction element thermal conductivity";
  input Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.RadiantSlabs.Types.SystemType sysTyp "Type of radiant system";
  input Modelica.SIunits.ThermalConductivity kIns "floor slab insulation thermal conductivity";
  input Modelica.SIunits.Thickness dIns "floor slab insulation thickness";
  output Modelica.SIunits.ThermalInsulance Rx "Thermal insulance";
end AverageResistance;


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