This component transports two fluid streams between four ports, without storing mass or energy. It is similar to Buildings.Fluid.Interfaces.StaticTwoPortHeatMassExchanger, but it has four ports instead of two.

If dpN_nominal > Modelica.Constants.eps, where N denotes the fluid 1 or 2, then the model computes pressure drop due to flow friction in the respective fluid stream. The pressure drop is defined by a quadratic function that goes through the point (mN_flow_nominal, dpN_nominal). At |mN_flow| < deltaMN * mN_flow_nominal, the pressure drop vs. flow relation is linearized. If the parameter linearizeFlowResistanceN is set to true, then the whole pressure drop vs. flow resistance curve is linearized.


This model uses inputs and constants that need to be set by models that extend or instantiate this model. The following inputs need to be assigned, where N denotes 1 or 2:

Set the constant sensibleOnlyN=true if the model that extends or instantiates this model sets mWatN_flow = 0.

Note that the model does not implement 0 = Q1_flow + Q2_flow or 0 = mXi1_flow + mXi2_flow. If there is no heat or mass transfer with the environment, then a model that extends this model needs to provide these equations.


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