This model transports fluid between its two ports, without storing mass or energy. It implements a steady-state conservation equation for energy and mass fractions. The model has zero pressure drop between its ports.

Typical use and important parameters

Set the parameter use_mWat_flow_in=true to enable an input connector for mWat_flow. Otherwise, the model uses mWat_flow = 0.

If the constant simplify_mWat_flow = true, which is its default value, then the equation

  port_a.m_flow + port_b.m_flow = - mWat_flow;

is simplified as

  port_a.m_flow + port_b.m_flow = 0;

This causes an error in the mass balance of about 0.5%, but generally leads to simpler equations because the pressure drop equations are then decoupled from the mass exchange in this component.

To increase the numerical robustness of the model, the constant prescribedHeatFlowRate can be set. Use the following settings:

If prescribedHeatFlow=true, then energy and mass balance equations are formulated to guard against numerical problems near zero flow that can occur if Q_flow or m_flow are the results of an iterative solver.


Input connectors of the model are

The model can only be used as a steady-state model with two fluid ports. For a model with a dynamic balance, and more fluid ports, use Buildings.Fluid.Interfaces.ConservationEquation.


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