This component transports fluid between its two ports, without storing mass or energy. It is based on Modelica.Fluid.Interfaces.PartialTwoPortTransport but it does use a different implementation for handling reverse flow because in this component, mass flow rate can be added or removed from the medium.

If dp_nominal > Modelica.Constants.eps, this component computes pressure drop due to flow friction. The pressure drop is defined by a quadratic function that goes through the point (m_flow_nominal, dp_nominal). At |m_flow| < deltaM * m_flow_nominal, the pressure drop vs. flow relation is linearized. If the parameter linearizeFlowResistance is set to true, then the whole pressure drop vs. flow resistance curve is linearized.


This model uses inputs and constants that need to be set by models that extend or instantiate this model. The following inputs need to be assigned:

Set the constant sensibleOnly=true if the model that extends or instantiates this model sets mWat_flow = 0.

To increase the numerical robustness of the model, the constant prescribedHeatFlowRate can be set. Use the following settings:

If prescribedHeatFlow=true, then energy and mass balance equations are formulated to guard against numerical problems near zero flow that can occur if Q_flow or m_flow are the results of an iterative solver.


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