Models an ideal flow source, with prescribed values of flow rate, specific enthalpy, composition and trace substances:

If use_m_flow_in is false (default option), the m_flow parameter is used as boundary pressure, and the m_flow_in input connector is disabled; if use_m_flow_in is true, then the m_flow parameter is ignored, and the value provided by the input connector is used instead.

The same applies to the specific enthalpy h, composition Xi or X and trace substances C.


Instead of using Xi_in (the independent composition fractions), the advanced tab provides an option for setting all composition fractions using X_in. use_X_in and use_Xi_in cannot be used at the same time.

Parameter verifyInputs can be set to true to enable a check that verifies the validity of the used specific enthalpy and pressures. This removes the corresponding overhead from the model, which is a substantial part of the overhead of this model. See #882 for more information.

Note, that boundary specific enthalpy, mass fractions and trace substances have only an effect if the mass flow is from the boundary into the port. If mass is flowing from the port into the boundary, the boundary definitions, with exception of boundary flow rate, do not have an effect.


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