Examples that demonstrate usage of chemical library


Name Description
SimpleReaction The simple chemical reaction A<->B with equilibrium B/A = 2
SimpleReaction2 The simple chemical reaction A+B<->C with equilibrium [C]/([A]*[B]) = 2, where [A] is molar concentration of A in water
HeatingOfWater Heating of 1 kg water
HeatingOfAlcohol Heating of 50% ethanol
ExothermicReaction Exothermic reaction in ideally thermal isolated solution and in constant temperature conditions
HydrogenCombustion Hydrogen combustion in piston
WaterVaporization Evaporation of water
WaterSublimation Sublimation of water
GasSolubility_NIST Dissolution of gases in liquids
GasSolubility Dissolution of gases in liquids
GasSolubility_blood Dissolution of gases in liquids
EnzymeKinetics Basic enzyme kinetics
ElectrochemicalCell The electrochemical cell: Pt(s) | H2(g) | H+(aq), Cl-(aq) | AgCl(s) | Ag(s)
LeadAcidBattery The electrochemical cell: PbSO4(s) | Pb(s) | HSO4-(aq) , H+(aq) | PbO2(s) | PbSO4(s) + 2 H2O
Hemoglobin Hemoglobin blood gases binding
WaterElectrolysis Water electrolysis

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