Package which contains all icons of the used models


Name Description
BatteryPackage Icon for the EES Library
ChargerPackage Icon for the Chargers package
FolderPackage Icon for a standard package
StackPackage Icon for the Stacks package
IconPackage Icon for the Icons package
SIunitsPackage Icon for the SIunits package
ComponentPackage Icon for the Components package
CalculatorPackage Icon for the Calculators package
ImpedancePackage Icon for the Impedance package
CyclesPackage Icon for the Cycles package
MeasurementPackage Icon for the Measurement package
SinglePackage Icon for the Single packages
BatteriesPackage Icon for the Batteries package
Load Icon for the Load package
BatteryManagementPackage Icon for the BatteryManagement package
Block Icon for a basic block
ControlBus Icon for the control bus
CellBus Icon for the cell bus
AdaptorOut Icon for a bus adaptor (read from the bus)
AdaptorIn Icon for a bus adaptor (feeding the bus)
CellStaticResistance Icon for the StaticResistance cell model
CellLinearDynamicImpedance Icon for the LinearDynamicImpedance cell model
StackStaticResistance Icon for the StaticResistance stack model
StackLinearDynamicImpedance Icon for the LinearDynamicImpedance stack model
Source Icon for a basic block
Sink Icon for a basic block

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