The SamplerLevel Block

quantum quantisation degree


The purpose of the SamplerLevel block is to take a continuous signal and to transform it into a signal that is understandable by the DEVS components. To this end, the continuous input signal has to be transformed into events. In the case of the SamplerLevel block, the event instants are given by the points in time when the continuous signal reaches a new quantum level. The quantum levels can be thought to "slice" the original signal trajectory into horizontal stripes.

Generated Events (QSS1/QSS2/QSS3 mode):

The event instants are not predictable without knowing the continuous input signal. The only information we have about the output event vectors is that their yVal[1] value is a multiple of the quantum. The values of yVal[2] and yVal[3] are the first derivative and the second derivative devided by two of the damped sine signal at the given event instant.

Parameter setting: q=0.2

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