Source Blocks

Currently, there are 13 source blocks available, whereby ten of them are "genuine" source blocks and the rest are transformator blocks that take input signals from non-DEVS models and transform them into signals that can be processed by subsequent DEVS blocks. Despite the fact that these components are not sources in a strict sense of the word (a source block is a block that does not take input but only generates output), they are located in the SourceBlocks package since they act as sources to components in the ModelicaDEVS library. The fact that they accept standard Modelica signals is not visible to a ModelicaDEVS model: there is no possibility to send a DEVS signal to a transformator block which makes them look like source blocks to ModelicaDEVS components.

Note that the signals generated by "genuine" source blocks could also be obtained by taking the corresponding components from the standard Modelica library and transform their output by one of the transformator blocks (SamplerLevel, SamplerTime and SamplerTrigger).

Every block in the SourceBlocks package generates a signal of a certain basic shape (which is indicated by the block's name, such as "sine", "step", "triangular", and many others. This basic shape can then be adjusted to the needs of the modeller by means of parameters that provide the possibility to set values for the amplitude, the frequency, and so on.

The source blocks are described by means of a listing of their parameters and the output they generate. Since it could be important for a certain situation to know when exactly what output values are generated, a comprehensive description of the output by means of the indication of creation time and value of the single events is provided.

Additionally, there is a short textual description, in order to cover possible particularities.


Name Description
Constant Generates a constant output signal.
Pulse Generates a pulse signal.
PWM Compares a sine and a triangular signal. If sine is bigger, the output is vU and vL else.
Ramp Generates a ramp signal.
Saw Generates a saw signal.
Sine Generates a sine signal.
Square Generates a square signal.
Step Generates a step signal.
Trapezoid Generates a trapezoid signal.
Triangular Generates a triangular signal.
SamplerLevel Samples a signal at the time instant when it crosses certain levels.
SamplerTime Samples a signal at periodical time instants.
SamplerTrigger Samples a signal at given time instants.

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