Library Modelica_DeviceDrivers is a Modelica package that interfaces hardware drivers. There is support for input devices, communication devices, shared memory, analog-digital converters and others.

For an introduction, have especially a look at:

The library is developed at https://github.com/modelica-3rdparty/Modelica_DeviceDrivers/. You can use the issue tracker provided by GitHub to report bugs or other issues (https://github.com/modelica-3rdparty/Modelica_DeviceDrivers/issues).

Copyright © 2012-2022, DLR, ESI ITI, and Linköping University (PELAB)

This Modelica package is free software and the use is completely at your own risk; it can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License.

The partly optional third-party sources / libraries with differing licenses are collected below the sub folder Resources/thirdParty and are listed in the file Resources/thirdParty/Readme.txt.


Name Description
UsersGuide User's Guide
Blocks This package contains Modelica 3.2 compatible drag'n'drop device driver blocks.
ClockedBlocks This package contains clocked blocks which utilize the drivers (requires support for synchronous language elements as introduced in Modelica 3.3).
Packaging Package/Unpackage of variables for sending/receiving with communication devices
Communication This package contains drivers for packet based communication devices such as network, CAN, shared memory, etc.
HardwareIO This package contains drivers for data acquisition hardware, digital-analog converter, analog-digital converter and other interface hardware.
InputDevices This package contains drivers for input devices, such as keyboard, gamecontroller, etc.
OperatingSystem This package contains several useful implementations of the OS API, for example, a mutex, a sleep command, etc
EmbeddedTargets This package contains code for platform-specific targets, such as microcontrollers
Utilities Collection of utility elements used within the library
Incubate New functionality that seems not ready for general usage

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