Cardiovascular system

Connect heart with pulmonary and systemic part. This connection contains pressures and blood flows before and after heart.

Output signal variables about blood volume between lungs capilaries and systemic tissue capilaries are used in gass transport submodels like O2 or CO2.

Output signal Vesseles_V0 is used for systemic veins collapsing in massive blood lost.

The blood properties convert known variables values to another meanings (haematocrit, viscosity, ..).

Red cells contains volume, loss and gains all red blood cells.


Author: Marek Matejak
License: Physiomodel License 1.0
By: Charles University, Prague
Date of: 2009
References: Tom Coleman: QHP 2008 beta 3, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Copyright © 2014 Marek Matejak, Charles University in Prague.

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