Joint of in-plane rotation of frame_b relative to frame_a. The two frames coincide when the rotation angle phi = 0°.

Optionally, two additional one-dimensional mechanical flanges (flange flange_a represents the driving flange and flange support represents the bearing) can be enabled via parameter useFlange. The enabled flange_a flange can be driven with elements of the Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational library.

In the "Initialization" block, angular position phi, angular velocity w as well as angular acceleration z can be initialized.

It can be defined via parameter (in "Advanced" tab) stateSelect that the relative angle phi and its derivative shall be definitely used as states by setting stateSelect = StateSelect.always.

In "Animation" group, animation parameters for this model can be set, where zPosition represents the model's position along the z axis in 3D animation. Some of the values can be preset by an outer PlanarWorld model.


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