The cut-force and cut-torque acting between the two frames to which this model is connected, are determined and provided at the output signal connectors force (= frame_a.f) and torque (= frame_a.t). If parameter positiveSign = false, the negative cut-force and cut-torque is provided (= frame_b.f, frame_b.t).

Via parameter resolveInFrame it is defined, in which frame the force vector is resolved.

Options of parameter resolveInFrame
resolveInFrame = … Force vector resolved in
Types.ResolveInFrameAB.world world frame
Types.ResolveInFrameAB.frame_a frame_a
Types.ResolveInFrameAB.frame_b frame_b
Types.ResolveInFrameAB.frame_resolve frame_resolve (must be connected)

If resolveInFrame = Types.ResolveInFrameAB.frame_resolve, the conditional connector frame_resolve is enabled and output force is resolved in the frame, to which frame_resolve is connected. Note, if this connector is enabled, it must be connected.

In the following figure the animation of the sensor is shown. The dark blue coordinate system is frame_b, and the green arrows are the cut force and the cut torque, respectively, acting at frame_b and with negative sign at frame_a.

CutForceAndTorque animation


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