The 3 signals of the force connector contain force and torque. The first and second signal are interpreted as the x- and y-coordinates of a force and the third is torque, acting between two frame connectors to which frame_a and frame_b are attached respectively. Note that torque is a scalar quantity, which is exerted perpendicular to the x-y plane.

Parameter resolveInFrame defines in which frame the input force shall be resolved.

Types.ResolveInFrameB. Meaning
world Resolve input force in world frame (= default)
frame_a Resolve input force in frame_a
frame_b Resolve input force in frame_b
frame_resolve Resolve input force in frame_resolve (frame_resolve must be connected)

If resolveInFrame = Types.ResolveInFrameAB.frame_resolve, the force coordinates shall be resolved in the frame, which is connected to frame_resolve.


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