This function returns y = atan3(u1,u2,y0) such that tan(y) = u1/u2 and y is in the range: -pi < y-y0 < pi.
u2 may be zero, provided u1 is not zero. The difference to Modelica.Math.atan3(…) is that the derivatives of atan3 are explicitly defined here.

See also

atan3b_der for 1st derivative and atan3b_dder for 2nd derivative of this function.


function atan3b
  import Modelica.Math;
  extends Modelica.Math.Icons.AxisCenter;
  extends Modelica.Icons.ObsoleteModel;
  input Real u1;
  input Real u2;
  input SI.Angle y0 = 0 "y shall be in the range: -pi < y-y0 < pi";
  output SI.Angle y;
end atan3b;


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