The components in this package can be used to build load flow models with a minimum number of equations.

The goal is to provide an easy way to calculate load flow values for Distribution networks in a Modelica environment.


 mySourcePerfect voltage source
 myEmergencySourceEmergency node
 myBatteryBattery with inverter
 myLoadLoad with P/Q as fixed values
 myVariableLoadLoad with P/Q as input variables
 myCapacitorBankCapacitor bank with fixed capacitance
 myLineMV or LV line with constant impedance
 myLineWithFaultMV or LV line with constant impedance and fault at intermediate position
 myTransformerTransformer with fixed voltage ratio
 myVariableTransformerTransformer with fixed voltage ratio and tape changer
 myBreakerPerfect breaker cutting the current
 mySecondBreakerPerfect breaker cutting the voltage
 PartialModelsPartial models to be inherited

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