Building blocks of PWM controllers that 
  maintain the duty cycle.


SchmittTrigger As the model of an ideal limited operational amplifier is not suitable to build a Schmitt trigger, a specialized model is provided. Its pin layout is eaxactly the same as at the Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Ideal.IdealOpAmpLimited.
DutyCycleRatioA real value between 0 and 1.
DutyCycleAb An abstract model with a common circuit for all implementations of a duty cycle controller. Derived models must provide additional pins and additional building blocks that handle either the reference voltage or duty cycle directly.
DutyCycle A PWM modulator that converts the input reference voltage into the duty cycle. The duty cycle D is equal to: D = ctrl / Vm
DutyCycleD A PWM modulator that implements the given duty cycle, i.e., 100*d percent of the switching period, the output signal is high, th remaining 100*(d-1) percent of the switching period, the output signal is low.
DInverter Inverts the PWM's output from high level to low and vice versa. This block is useful when designing inverter circuits.

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