Heat transfer models for FV components


Name Description
 IdealHeatTransfer Delta T across the boundary layer is zero (infinite h.t.c.)
 ConstantHeatTransferCoefficient Constant heat transfer coefficient
 ConstantHeatTransferCoefficientTwoGrids Constant heat transfer coefficient - different grids for fluid and wall side
 ConstantThermalConductance Constant global thermal conductance (UA value)
 FlowDependentHeatTransferCoefficient Flow-dependent h.t.c. gamma = gamma_nom*(w/wnom)^alpha
 FlowDependentThermalConductance Flow-dependent global thermal conductance UA = UAnom*(w/wnom)^alpha
 DittusBoelter Dittus-Boelter heat transfer correlation
 HeatTransfer2phDB Dittus-Boelter 1-phase, constant h.t.c. 2-phase
 FlowDependentHeatTransferCoefficient2ph Separate h.t.c.'s for each phase, each changing as (w/w_nom)^alpha

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